How to Improve the Game Watching Experience at Home

Watching sports at home on a bug screen
September 4, 2018

Sports have brought people together for thousands of years. We love watching our favorite players play our favorite games, and we love sharing the experience with our friends. The more invested we get into these games, the better the experience is. That’s why, when the Phillies play, you need to do more than have it on in the background. It doesn’t matter how early in the season it is, if…


America’s Most Decorated States – Find the Safest Bets for Sporting Wins

January 25, 2018

Each US state takes great pride in its teams, whether it’s baseball, basketball, football or hockey. How does your region compares to the rest of the USA’s most successful states? If you hail from a state known for competing in the ‘Big Four’ leagues of Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, National Hockey League and National Football League, you’ll be well versed with your team’s history. PlayUSA have studied…


3 Ways to Pursue a Career in Sports

career ins ports - coaching
July 25, 2017

Loving sports can take up a great deal of your time. If you follow a sport keenly or like to engage in physical activities yourself, you will find a lot of your free time is eaten up by your enthusiasm. For any true sports lovers, this is an easy sacrifice to make. However, wouldn’t it be nice if sports didn’t have to be just a hobby? Why not consider a…


The Weirdest Pre-Game Rituals of All Time

November 11, 2016

Everyone is a little superstitious every now and then, but athletes seem to have some of the weirdest methods for ensuring that they will win every match. In fact, some of the biggest names in sports have showcased and discussed some really odd pre-game rituals. Check out the short list below to learn about just a few of the strangest superstitious rituals that athletes have performed in an effort to…