Where Do You Go for Basketball News?

September 7, 2016

The great thing about this Internet is that there is information EVERYWHERE. The problem with the Internet sometimes is that there’s information EVERYWHERE . . . if you know what I mean. You can drive yourself crazy surfing from one site to the next trying to get the latest tidbit, photo, or video. We’re still a few months away from the start of basketball season, but when the time comes…


Video: Time Of My Life — Cavs Playoff Skit

May 12, 2015

Was this playoff skit by the Cleveland Cavaliers funny or sick? In it,   a man is seen battering his girlfriend for being a Bulls fan, then her becoming a Cavs fan as a result of the abuse, at their last home game. Domestic violence is funny, right? I think the NBA needs to have a talk with the NFL about that one.


Reddit: ESPN Draft Analyst for NBA Draft, Chad Ford, Allegedly Doctored Old Draft Boards

Chad Ford changed draft board ESPN
January 26, 2015

One of the jobs that has arisen on modern sports broadcasting is the “draft expert” (like Mel Kiper) who come out of the woodwork for a few months each year to give their analysis of the top players to be drafted by professional teams out of college. In this case, we have a guy named Chad Ford who does mock NBA drafts for ESPN. Only, it seems that someone changed…


Video: LeBron Slam Dunk CHALLENG: The New Decision

January 21, 2015

King James is NOT having the kind of season he had hoped for in Cleveland. At least, store if he was still in Miami he might still be losing, but at least it would be warm. What’s an NBA icon to do? Well, if you believe this little kid, the answer is to enter the NBA Slam Dunk Competition . . . and he’s using money for LeBron’s favorite charity…