Video: Hockey Cheap Shot of the Year?

May 9, 2012

And it’s not even in the NHL! According to the source, this happened in an IHWC match between France and Kazakhstan on May 6th. The goon in white taking the shot is Sacha Treille and the player stretched out on the ice for several minutes is Roman Starchenko. Treille was thrown out of the game for this cheap shot, but Starchenko eventually woke up, skated off the ice and then…


UPDATE: “Cheap Shot” College Baseball Player Getting Death Threats

Austin OSuch team picture
April 10, 2012

Certainly, Austin O’Such of the Yavapai College baseball team (AZ) doesn’t deserve accolades for what he did earlier this week that was caught on camera and featured here as potentially one of the worst cheap shots in baseball history. (Watch original video here.) But death threats? According to YC, O’Such is getting them even though they suspended him from the team and some reports have him transferring to another school….


Video: Worst Cheap Shot in Baseball Ever?

Ever?  That covers a lot of ground, but we’ve certainly never seen anything like it. Have you? There appears to be a base hit, a player runs to second and then there’s a disturbance near first base. As everyone runs over there to pretend to fight, someone comes running in from the outfight to lay some smack down. (21 seconds into the clip) Anyone know more about who these teams…

April 9, 2012