Where Do You Go for Basketball News?

September 7, 2016

The great thing about this Internet is that there is information EVERYWHERE. The problem with the Internet sometimes is that there’s information EVERYWHERE . . . if you know what I mean. You can drive yourself crazy surfing from one site to the next trying to get the latest tidbit, photo, or video. We’re still a few months away from the start of basketball season, but when the time comes…


Video: College basketball junior pulls off an incredible dunk from BEHIND the free throw line

June 9, 2016

Is this video for real, an optical illusion, or some kind of CGI? Here’s more on the story from the Daily Mail: At 6? 2?, Patrick Dickert is considered small in the world of basketball. But the Colby College player has somehow managed a dunk so incredible, even the NBA’s finest would find it hard to follow. In a video posted to his Instagram that has stunned the internet, the 21-year-old junior…


Video: Middle School Basketball Team Loses Title Game After Final Shot Gets Stuck On Rim!

March 18, 2015

You wouldn’t believe it if you didn’t see it. Here’s more from the YouTube description: The final seconds of the Kansas Mid-East League eighth grade basketball championship game lasted an eternity. With less than seven seconds left on the clock, salve the Rock Creek Mustangs trailed the Riley County Falcons by one point, 26-25. The Mustangs drove to the basket after the inbound pass, but the final shot settled on…