Video: College basketball junior pulls off an incredible dunk from BEHIND the free throw line

June 9, 2016

Is this video for real, an optical illusion, or some kind of CGI? Here’s more on the story from the Daily Mail: At 6? 2?, Patrick Dickert is considered small in the world of basketball. But the Colby College player has somehow managed a dunk so incredible, even the NBA’s finest would find it hard to follow. In a video posted to his Instagram that has stunned the internet, the 21-year-old junior…


Video: Is Cycle Ball the World’s Strangest Sport or What?

June 25, 2015

Have you ever heard of Cycle Ball before? We hadn’t until we saw this video and we still don’t believe it exists. According to Wikipedia, Cycle ball, discount also known as “radball” (from German), is a sport similar to football played on bicycles. The two people on each team ride a fixed gear bicycle with no brakes or freewheel. The ball is controlled by the bike and the head, except…


Video: Guy Plays Table Tennis Every Day for a Year

May 15, 2015

How long would it take you to become an expert at something . . . anything? A year, maybe? How about an expert table tennis player? Watch this guy go from novice to expert in a year in this amazing video. Here’s more from the YouTube description: The Expert in a Year Challenge followed the progress of novice table tennis player Sam Priestley, as he attempted to go from beginner…