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NASCAR Nastiness: Kyle Busch Suspended From Race After Intentional Wreck

How bad a NASCAR driver would you have to be to NOT be able to make a wreck look like an accident? Pretty bad, we guess, but that’s what happened to veteran driver Kyle “Sideswipe” Busch, who had to sit and watch this past weekend’s Sprint Cup and Nationwide races from the pits after deliberating wrecking championship contender Ron Hornaday Jr. in the Camping World Truck Series race held on…


Painful Sports Video: Romanian Soccer Fan Punches Player During Game

Things took an ugly turn, even by football hooligan standards, this week during a Romanian soccer match Steaua and Petrolul Ploie?ti at Ilie Oana stadium in Ploie?t (You were probably watching it on ESPN9 on your iPhone). In the video, you’ll see the fan in black just jogs across the field and punches Steaua Bucharest defender George Galamaz, breaking his cheekbone. Galamaz was treated and released from a hospital, but…


HS #Cheerleading Coach Accused of Giving Teens Booze, While They Watched Her Kids! – Lori DiMassimo

If you’re a teacher or coach, decease what could be worse that giving underage high school kids booze? Giving them booze WHILE they’re babysitting your own children. Which is what Lori DiMassimo, 26, former cheerleading coach at Montoursville Area High School (PA) stands accused of today. And that is wrong (and stupid) on so many levels, it’s hard to know where to begin. But here are the basics: According to…


DeadSpin: Former #ESPN VP Filed Pre-Emptive Lawsuit Denying He Masturbated In Front Of #ErinAndrews

The DeadSpin/ESPN love fest continues. This time the story revolves around a guy named Keith Clinkscales, ESPN’s former senior vice president for content, development, and enterprise, who left the company earlier this year to become an independent producer. It’s a rather long and complicated drama (as most of these “insider creeps at ESPN” stories are) but because it involves an alleged incident on an airplane with the lovely Erin Andrews,…


Video: Iranian #Soccer Player Suspended for Using Goal Celebrations to Grab Teammate’s Junk – Mohammed Nosrati

You know how soccer players sometimes do those annoying, staged soccer goal celebrations? Well, this is NOT one of those times, but video of the goal celebration in Iran by Mohammed Nosrati of Tehran against their rivals, Damash Gilan, has gained a lot of attention anyway. Why? Well, Mr. Nosrati appears to use the celebration to grab the buttocks of one of his teammates. Is it intentional or accidental? Watch…


Woman, 48, “Acting Crazy” on Golf Course Tasered by Cops

You know, usually our BadJocks “Tasered by Cops” stories feature rather large, young male athletes (typically football or basketball players) who have had a little too much to drink. And the generally smaller–and smarter–officers responding to an incident do the smart thing and just zap their asses into submission. But not this time. No, this time the crazed athlete was a middle-aged Ohio mother of two who was hugging and…

Jennifer Gomes Mug Shot

Gym Teacher Leaves Bomb Threat Note at School So She Can Get Day Off – Jennifer Gomes

First off: yes, teachers jobs can be stressful, malady even gym teachers. And no, we wouldn’t want to trade places with any of them. But in this case, even you might agree that Jennifer Gomes, 42, went a little too far to get a day off work. Gomez worked as a gym teacher at an Escuela de Guadalupe Elementary School (Denver) a total of one day a week. One freaking…


HS Coach Accused of Recruiting Boy, 16, From Mexico to Play Basketball, Forces Kid to Sell Gourmet Popcorn Instead

Cesar Landin, 16, wanted to come to the United States to play on a select high school basketball team. In fact, his parents were so desperate to get the boy this opportunity that they reportedly paid Theodore Berry, an assistant basketball coach at Lewisville High School (Texas), $300 a month to make it happen. But instead of playing b-ball, Landin was forced to sell gourmet popcorn. Yes, you read that…


Parent, Coach Argue at YMCA Basketball Game, Coach Returns With Gun, Shoots, Misses

We’re not sure how good a basketball coach Paul H. Hill, 45, of Minneapolis (father of Tayler Hill, a starter on the Ohio State women’s basketball team) is, but his small arms shooting apparently needs some work. Which is fortunate for the parent of one of his players after an incident earlier this month at the downtown YMCA. According to police reports, Hill and the parent got into an argument…


LSU Suspends Three Football Players After Real Positive Test for Fake Marijuana

If you get caught smoking weed, you’ll get kicked off the football team, right? So what should you do, not smoke week? Of course not! Instead, find a synthetic alternative that has lots of chemicals in it (commonly known as cannabinoids) that give you a marijuana-like high, without the actually taking the risk of buying and smoking the illegal weed. Probably solved you half-baked morons. Only this fake marijuana is…


Painful Sports Video: Mexican Soccer Player Celebrates Goal by “Executing” Teammate – Marco Fabian

Really? You live in a country were drug gang executions are a daily occurrence and you think it’s cute to re-enact one to celebrate scoring a goal in a soccer game? Maybe Chad Ochocinco should celebrate a touchdown by pretending to be a plane and flying into two teammates acting as New York skyscrapers? Here’s the basics of the story from the LA Times (video below): Did a Mexican pro…


State of North Carolina Sues NCAA to Turn Over Documents Relating to UNC Football Investigation

Our friend Brooks, over at SportsByBrooks.com goes into much more detail on this situation, but basically the NCAA is being sued by the State of North Carolina for failing to turn over documents related to the recent investigation into shenanigans that when on in the Wolfpack football program. Why? NC is trying to enforce something called the Uniform Athletes Agent Act which it passed in 2000 AT THE URGING OF…