Video: Mom Interviews Her Devastated Little Packers Fan

January 20, 2015

On her YouTube channel, ambulance Kierra Yarbrough posted a video Sunday of an interview she conducted with her six-year-old son–a huge Green Bay Packers fan–after their loss to the Seahawks. Let’s just say, this little guy wasn’t the only one crying after the Pack gave the game away in the fourth quarter. Here’s more from Yarbrough’s description: I started recording this video after the Packers lost the NFC Championship against…


Jack Lenihan Funny High School Football Highlight Video

Jack Lenihan is a 5-foot-11, 145-pound wide receiver benchwarmer of Barrington High School’s varsity team. No, literally, he never gets into a game. But that didn’t stop him from creating a college recruiting video like some of his more accomplished teammates. Keep an eye out for #87 is this amazing video!

December 19, 2014

Video: Drunk Golf Fail

December 9, 2014

First off, we would never recommend that you play golf drunk. It will likely impact your score at the very least and could lead to embarrassing situations . . . like this guy. For whatever reason, he’s standing at the tee, balancing his golf club on the palm of his hand and spinning. A lot. Not surprisingly, he loses balance and then slams into his golf cart, breaking off the…


Video: Wallkill Mighty Mites Crash Into Banner

September 24, 2014

How hard is it to run onto the football field and crash through a paper banner? Apparently, harder than you think . . . especially if your 6-7 years old. Here’s more from the YouTube description: After our first home game (24-0 win) our Wallkill Mighty Mites (Age 6-7) attempt to run through a banner. You won’t believe what happens next…


Video: Man Breaks All His Golf Clubs

September 23, 2014

How mad would you need to be to break all your golf clubs? Pretty mad. Let’s just hope they were HIS clubs. Here’s more from the YouTube description: Thanks to reader Tom who sent this in. Hat tip to Bryce Bundy who filmed this guy going berserk after a member guest event.


Video from TMZ: Baltimore Orioles Mascot — PUNCHED IN THE NUTS … Mascot Fights Back

Why do people think they can do just about anything to a mascot and get away with it? Case in point, the Baltimore Orioles Mascot. Here’s more from TMZ (watch video at the link.) Another ferocious assault involving a Baltimore superstar … the Orioles mascot … who got HIT IN THE BALLS by a dumbass fan AND FOUGHT BACK … and TMZ Sports has the footage. Our MLB sources tell us…

September 22, 2014

Video: Boy Catches Baseball Foul Ball and Gives it to Girl

September 9, 2014

And just when the whole Ray Rice thing was making you wonder where the good things in sports had gone . . . Here’s more from the YouTube description: A great story of paying it forward! A 12 year old boy catches a foul ball at a Boston Red Sox baseball game on Friday night and immediately hands it to a little girl behind him that he didn’t know!