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BadJocks Publisher Bob Reno is open and available for media interviews. Reno has quite a bit of experience in both radio and television having made dozens, if not hundreds, of appearances in the past eight years. Subjects include: the bad behavior of professional and college athletes, sports hazing rituals, high school coach sex scandals, naughty cheerleaders, naked people in sports (there are more than you might think) and just general buffoonery in athletics. With a background in communications in general and radio in particular, Mr. Reno knows how to tell a good story and has hundreds of great ones at his disposal from his massive archive and own personal memory from publishing the site. Want to hear the one about the assistant golf course groundskeeper who tried to kill the skunks tearing up his course by firing at them at night from a moving golf cart? Or how about the high school cheerleader who shot a rival in the behind with a frozen paint ball?

Radio Appearances: NPR, Fox Sports Radio, ESPN Radio, Sporting News Radio, The Bob & Tom Show, along with various other syndicated shows, and dozens of local stations across the United States.

TV Appearances: ESPN’s SportsCenter & Behind the Lines, ABC News 20/20, Good Morning America, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, FOX News, and others.

Magazine Reviews of the Site: Entertainment Weekly, Forbes, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated and was recently named one of Time Magazines Top 25 Blogs for 2008.

Newspapers Articles About the Site or Quoting Publisher Bob Reno: New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Atlanta Journal Constitution and dozens of other papers large and small.

Frequently Asked (and Answered) Questions

Q: When did you start BadJocks?
A: BadJocks was created in February of 2000. The idea for the site came to me while listening to sports-talk radio one day that month. I remembers several incidents in the news that day, including: Tonya Harding throwing hubcaps at her boyfriend; the Marty McSorley hockey incident where one player struck another with a stick during a game and was arrested by Canadian cops; and the arrest (one of many) of former MLB star Darryl Strawberry. Those stories were all anyone on the radio seemed to be talking about and—after creating several earlier humor websites that went nowhere—I wondered if there was a sports website devoted only to the bad things that athletes do. Not finding any, I created

Q: What makes you such a sports expert?
A: I’m not a sports expert and never claimed to be. is primarily a humor site that just happens to be about sports crime.

Q: Why athletes?
A: Why not? Seriously, there are a lot of fun and interesting stories about athletes, coaches, referees, administrators, parents and other folks involved in sports who get in some kind of trouble. Some are dead serious (i.e. Michael Vick) but most can be very funny.

Q: How do I submit a story?
A: Send me an email that contains a good description in the subject line, such as “Coach Mugs Old Lady in Walker” and then possibly a brief description in the body along with a link. DO NOT copy the entire article and send it to me. I need to see the original source.

Q: What if I have incriminating photos of a star athlete I want to sell you?
A: Sorry, not interested.

Q: How many hits do you get a day?
A: Measuring “hits” is an outdated method of counting traffic. I prefer to look at unique visitors and BadJocks gets between 3000 and 5000 a day most days. We are also frequently visited by readers from the major TV networks and sports news outlets because they know we have most of the best stories first. BadJocks is often used as an uncredited source for the kicker news stories you hear on local radio.

Q: Why do you hate athletes, coaches and/or sports?
A: I don’t hate athletes and/or sports. I actually have a lot of respect for people to compete at a high level and do it with dignity and grace. Unfortunately few jocks these days fall into that category. As far as coaches . . . I respect those who volunteer their time to make young athletes better, but if you try to take one “out on a date” that crosses the line and I’m gonna nail you for it. Overall though, I respect most coaches and think they do a great job.

Q: So, you just hate athletes and are out to get them?
A: Sure, you (and people like you who come to the site) won’t listen to reason anyway, so believe what you want. Regular readers to this site know better, but I am not going to waste my time arguing with an idiot.

Q: Isn’t it wrong for your site to make money off the misery of others?
A: Yes. Me and every newspaper, radio and TV station, and online media outlet in the world. And I feel really, really bad about it . . . some of the time.

Q: Who writes your stories?
A: I write everything you read on BadJocks, especially all the typos. I need to hire an editor one of these days.

Q: Where do you get all your stories?
A: I can’t reveal all my sources, but after many years of doing this, I have gotten pretty good at turning over rocks to find the hidden stories. I was a web researcher before I started the site and know how to find things online. Also, after all these years I have developed a core group of loyal readers who send me links to stories on a regular basis. The hardest part of my job is deciding what stories to use each day, because there are certainly enough out there to choose from. If you find an interesting story, please drop me a line.

Q: Has any big name athlete ever sued you?
A: No. BadJocks links to stories that are in reputable online outlets and is rarely the primary source for the facts. On the other hand, people have threatened me physically from time-to-time, especially when I publish a story that puts their beloved team or favorite jock (high school, college, pro or otherwise) in a bad light. Despite what some readers think, I do not target specific schools for stories because of some kind of bias. Except for Florida State. They’re just evil.

Q: Where did you go to college?
A: I am proud to say I attended Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana and graduated—shall we say—a few years AFTER David Letterman. I follow the Cardinals from time-to-time but wouldn’t consider myself a big booster.

Q: Why didn’t you post my email?
A: Likely because it was an incoherent rambling that bored me and would likely bore my readers.

Q: Would you ever consider selling BadJocks?
A: How much money do you have?