Improve Your Betting with Proper Staking

Improve Your Betting with Proper StakingThere is a strong case that suggests that how much you wager is actually a lot more important than what you are even betting on. This article reviews five of the most popular staking methods, and reveals which one is the best!

A staking method can be defined as a method of calculating what the appropriate amount of money to bet is in order to see a consistent profit being made.

Strategy No. 1: Proportional Betting

Bet a fraction of your total bankroll, in proportion to your edge. When using the Kelly Criterion formula, for example, to discover this total, you would see your bet being your edge divided by the odds. If, for example, the edge is 10% and the odds are evens, then 10/1 is 10. 10% of a wallet of NZ$1 000 would be the bet, and this is equal to NZ$100. Should this wager win, the next one would be NZ$110, 10% of the new $1100 wallet. This means that your winnings will increase more quickly than in the Fixed Wager system, and your losses would be slowed down.

Strategy No. 2: Fixed Wager

This approach sees you staking a fixed amount for each of your wagers, and not varying this, no matter how much you may end up winning. Let’s say it’s a NZ$100 stake at a sportsbook offering the best online betting NZ has to offer. If your chance of winning is at 55% on a bet of 2.000, this method sees you drastically reducing your chances of losing your whole bankroll, but does mean you’ll be limited to slow and steady wins.

Strategy No. 3: Bet Everything, Every Time

This strategy will see you wagering your entire bankroll on each bet. The advantage of this approach is that you can get big returns very quickly, but the downside is that as soon as you lose you are out of money and thus out of the game.

Strategy No. 4: Martingale

This will see you doubling your stake after any failed bet so as to cover your losses with the next wager’s winnings. It offers a quicker increase than the Fixed Wager strategy does, since you’ll be doubling up to cover any losses, but sequential losses will see you betting very big amounts rather rapidly.

Strategy No. 5: Fibonacci

This method will see you increasing your stake in a Fibonacci sequence and your losses with the next wager’s wins. This method has some of the same drawbacks that the Martingale does, but it is able to reduce how rapidly the stake increases if you are on a losing streak.

Which Is the Best Strategy?

Proportional betting offers the biggest natural advantage over the other systems. For example, if you are down to your last NZ$100, you would be betting just NZ$10, and decreasing from there. This system would keep you in the game for a lot longer than the Fixed Bet system would, where your last NZ$100 would also be your final wager.