Handicap Betting for Soccer Games

Handicap Betting for Soccer GamesIn soccer, as in all the top competitive sports, there is usually a difference in the perceived quality of the two teams taking part in the match. The size of this difference will vary, and depend on a complicate range of influences, extending from financial backing and historical dominance to situational factors like player injuries and availability, and home field advantage. Soccer bets interpret these factors, and then represents them as the chance each side has of seeing success, in the form of odds.

When this perceived difference in abilities is big, the betting odds on the Favourite will be minute, providing minimal returns and thus not much of an incentive for bettors. Countering this sees the bookmakers offering Australian sports betting making Handicap bets available, and drawing punters in to enjoy better returns for the outcome they predicted.

What Handicap Odds Do

In the context of a Soccer game, these odds will see the playing field levelled, accounting for the difference in the perceived strength of the teams by the application of a Goal Handicap, positive and negative, to each team. This allows punters to find extra value when they’re backing a heavy Favourite, in the form of a 1X2 wager, one of the most popular methods of betting on these games.

The Three Types of Handicap Betting

  1. A Level Handicap

This is when there is no perceived difference in the abilities of Team A and Team B. To win a wager, the punter must predict which team will score more goals than their opponent. The draw is eliminated in these games, with all bets being refunded if this outcome occurs.

  1. A Single Handicap

This will occur when there is a perceived difference between two teams’ abilities. The supposedly superior team will be given a goal impediment appropriate to them which will level the playing field in terms of wagers. For example,if you bet on Team A to win and they’re playing with a goal barrier of -1, then they will need to win by more than 1 goal in order for you to win. If they only win by 1 goal, this would see a draw being applied for wagering purposes, so bets will be refunded.

  1. A Split Handicap

These will be applied when the difference between teams’ abilities is small, and it allows you to divide your bet over two handicaps. For example, Team A may be offered at 0 & -0.5. If you wager on them and they lose, you will forfeit both stakes, as neither outcome was covered. If the match ends in a draw, half of your bet, 0, will be refunded, but the other half will lose. If Team A wins, however, both outcomes get covered, so both wagers will win.

If you are stuck in a rut, doggedly following Three Way Fixed Odds betting, chances are your returns are not quite cutting it. Your wagers may very well benefit from the fresh perspective that Soccer handicap betting is able to provide.