Betting on Basketball Games

Betting on BasketballAs a quick-paced end-to-end game, Basketball makes it possible for punters to make a profit while they’re enjoying the exciting matches. If you’re interested in learning how to start wagering responsibly on these games, read on for the most popular three bet types and how to implement them.

Money Line Markets

These are the simplest and most common markets for bettors to understand the cost of a wager. All that is required with this kind of online betting is that you place your money on which team you think will win the match.

For example, in a game between the Boston Celtics and Utah Jazz, the respective teams’ odds stand at 3.4440 or -275, and 1.364, or +244. If you staked AU$10 on the Jazz, your return if they won would be AU$13.64, including your bet of AU$10. If the Celtics triumphed and you predicted this outcome correctly, you would receive a return of AU$34.40, including your bet of AU$10, which would see you profiting by AU$24.40.

Handicap Basketball Markets

These bets are a great idea when one team is heavily favoured against their opposition, as the Handicap counters this perceived bias and levels the playing field to a certain extent. A Handicap number, displayed as either a + or – value, like +5 points, is then factored into the final score in order to determine the game’s outcome as per the wager. This means that sometimes the Handicap result will be different from the actual one.

Let’s say the Golden State Warriors have +7.5 2.050 and the Indiana Pacers have -7.5 1.862. If the latter won the game with a final score of 100 to 96, bets that just covered their Handicap would actually lose because they started the match with -7.5 points, and so this must be subtracted from their final score. Applying this would make the game result 92.5 points to 96, which means the Warriors won. If the Pacers took the game with a final score of 104 – 96, however, the adjusted result is 96.5 – 96, which means the Handicap is covered and the Pacers will win both ways.

Totals Betting on Basketball Games

Totals betting is also sometimes referred to as Over/Under, and the latter name refers to the fact that it concerns whether the combined points scored in a game will end up being Over or Under a preset number. In the case of a Sacramento Kings versus Miami Heat game, for example, let’s put the Over at 210:5: 1.962, and the Under at 210.5: 2.110.

If you wagered AU$10 on the game to be over 210.5 points and the end result was 119 to 98, making for an aggregate total of 214 points, you would see a return of AU$19.62, or a profit of AU$9.62. If you had predicted the total score as Under, you would have lost.

More Advanced Bet Types

Once you have found your feet with these more basic Basketball bet types, don’t forget to explore the more advanced examples that can be put to work increasing your returns!