10 famous actors who started out as an American footballer

Curious to learn about American Football players that become famous actors? This article will cover 10 such situations of actors you never knew played American football.

American football team huddles

American football is one of the biggest sources of entertainment in the United States and, for some fans, it is more than just a sport. American football is a true religion and the matchday is just like a tradition or duty that they have to perform. And they have a lot of reasons to watch this great sport, one of them is the fact that a lot of American football players became huge move stars.

In the following rows, we will take a check out 10 cases of actors that started out as American football stars:

  1. Dwayne Johnson

Everybody knows that The Rock is one of the biggest actors of our times, but few know that he was a professional American football player in the past. While he never got drafted into the NFL because of an injury he managed to be part of the 1991 team that conquered the national title where he played alongside legend Warren Sapp. Johnson also played for some time for the Calgary Stampeders in Canadian Football League. Even though he moved on to WWE and acting, it was rumored that Johnson made a hobby out of playing no deposit mobile casino games as well. He confirmed those rumors declaring that he finds casino games as a very relaxing and enjoyable way of spending free time for American football players and regular people as well.

  1.  Terry Crews

Up until performing one of the best covers of Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” in the movie “White Girls” making millions of people laugh he also was part of the American football family during his life. Crews played in the back line at the Western Michigan Uni where he supported Broncos team for the conference title. The 6”2 245-pound line-man was eventually drafted into the NFL where he played 32 games for Washington, Rams, San Diego and Eagles from Philadelphia. After his successful career as an American football player he decided he wanted to become an actor and managed to do even more than that and become a superstar.

  1. Burt Reynolds

American football was one of his biggest passion back in the day, although having a pretty short career because of a car accident that made him unable to play he played was First Team at Palm Beach high before running back to Florida finishing with just two touchdowns and 146 rushing yards. It seems like he later made his dreams of becoming an American football player come true through his role in the genuine “The Longest Yard”

  1. Stone Cold Steve Austin


This WWE Superstar did not play games in the ring nor on the field. Austin was on a American football sponsorship playing for the University of North Texas playing for Mean Green before he rivaled The Rock and fought in major Pay-Per-Views. Unfortunately, he wasn’t drafted for the NFL but that did not stop him in becoming successful as he managed to star in The Expendables along Terry Crews.

American football player scores a touchdown

  1. Joel McHale

The former host of The Soup was first recruited to be for the rowing squad but the comedian ended up playing American football. Playing for the Washington Huskies but never actually making it to a game he managed to go home with a Rose Bowl after the Huskies defeated Michigan back in 1992.

  1. Mark Harmon

His father is Tom Harmon, an American football player that won the Heisman Trophy so it is not a shock that he picked up American football when he was younger. Before staring in the NCIS, Harmon was on the field as an American football for the UCLA Bruins as a quarterback, managing a 17-5 record never seen before in the American football history in the two years he played there.

  1. Forest Whitaker

Some know him as an awarded actor, but few know that he started as an American football player. He was a quarterback back in high school for the California State University on a American football scholarship. But he tragically ended his american football career because of an injury in college.

  1. Josh Duhamel

He played American football at Minot State as a quarterback before he played in Win a Date alongside Tad Hamilton, the Transformers movie series or Safe Haven. He also played for for two years for the Beavers and then he retired.

  1. Dean Cain

Best known for his role in Superman on Lois and Clark was also the Superman of American football in real life when he set a record with twelve interceptions in the 1987 season. Unfortunately, he retired at Buffalo Bills due to an injury.

  1. Ed O’Neill

We all know him as Al Bundy but Ed started out as an American football star in Ohio. Playing for Youngstown State University he almost played football for Pittsburgh Steelers but was cut in training camp.