Top Sports Movies That Should Be On Every Fan’s Bucket List

Top sports movies on everyone's bucket listApproximately 59 percent of Americans say they’re sports fans, according to a Gallup Poll. When fans aren’t trying to get into big sold-out sporting events, they’re likely to want to watch a good sports movie. Sports movies are big news, with some of the highest grossing sports movies including classics like “Seabiscuit” and “Remember the Titans.” But there are a lot more sports movies that are worth watching, even if you’re not an avid sports fan. Here’s a rundown of some popular ones that will motivate you.

Bleed For This

Boxing movies are super popular – and not just when they’re about Rocky Balboa. Boxing is a theme that many filmmakers turn to, with 70 boxing movies having been produced since 1938! One of the best boxing movies to watch is “Bleed For This,” which is based on the true story of Vinny Pazienza, an American professional boxer who broke his neck during a car accident and almost never stepped into the ring again. With sheer determination, he fought against the odds and ended up fighting against Luis Santana, former world champ, a scene that will have you biting your nails.

Snake & Mongoose

Drag racing has become one of the most popular types of motorsport in recent years. It’s refreshing to watch movies that have untold stories about the sport. That’s where “Snake & Mongoose” comes in. Broidy’s IMDB page explains that this is the never-before-told story of how two Southern California drag racers – Tom “The Mongoose” McEwan and Don “The Snake” Prudhomme – joined forces with corporate giants to transform the sport.

What makes it even more entertaining is that it showcases their rivalry – the greatest rivalry in the history of the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA).

Eddie The Eagle

With so many sportsmen not making it in their chosen field, tenacious Eddie Edward, a ski jumper, will inspire you to chase your dreams. Eddie never stopped trying to make a name for himself, even when people kept sidelining him. This true story follows British skier Michael Edwards as he becomes the first competitor to represent Great Britain since 1928.

It’s thanks to a rebellious coach that he manages to enter the Winter Olympics and worm his way into the hearts of his fans. Prepare to laugh a lot and sometimes cringe at the events that unfold, but you’ll walk away feeling like you can achieve anything.


Troubled family relationships meet sports in this 2011 movie. The youngest son of a former wrestling coach goes back to his hometown where his father trains him for a mixed martial arts tournament called Sparta. Without knowing it, the fighter ends up having to deal with more than the tournament – his older, alienated brother. A final showdown is on the cards.

There are always sports movies to watch, but the ones mentioned in this article offer unique ways of storytelling. Whether it’s through entertaining underdogs, the combination of sport and complicated families, rivalry in drag racing, or a boxer who’s sucker-punched by life, you’ll be entertained and inspired by the time they’re over.