Adding Text to Your Photos is Easy with Fotor!

If you’re like me, you see a like of great posts on websites and social media every day that include pictures and text and wonder,  “How do they create such great looking designs?”  I guess I always assumed they either hired a graphic design firm (not cheap) or had a copy of  PhotoShop (also not cheap) and learned how to do the design themselves after hours of training and hard work. What I didn’t realize was that many people do NEITHER and instead go to an online photo editor like that makes it easy–and inexpensive–to create great looking graphics.

At it’s core, Fotor’s free service lets you do things like edit party or travel photos, because who every really takes great photos that don’t need a little help? I use Fotor to crop and edit most of my photos, or resize them for a variety of different web or social media needs (no two formats are ever alike!)  It’s easy to get started by cropping an image using Fotor, just go to the website at and select Edit from the home page. From there, you just upload your image, follow the easy step-by-step instructions at the left, and you can have a professional looking cropped and edited picture to share with your friends in no time!

BadJocks logo design using
BadJocks logo design using

Let’s say you want to take the next step and add text to your image. You’ve seen all those funny memes online and the snarky comments people add to their favorite pictures on Instagram or Imgur, right? Well now there’s an easy way to do that. You can easily add text to photos  advantage of Fotor’s easy text editing tool. Again, just upload your image, select the options at the left, and you have at your disposal an array of professional-looking fonts to choose from. Just add your own snappy caption, format it, move it around the image until you find just the right location and Save. That’s it!

And don’t get me wrong, as fun as Fotor is to make fun of your friends, you can also use it for business graphics, like my friend Dan does with his real estate business. He wanted to create a Facebook post to promote an open house he had coming up this weekend.  Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t give you any real tools to create professional looking posts.  With Fotor, he was able to grab an existing background template–like the one at the right–and just insert the text and images for his property. Presto! Instant Facebook power post, and it only took him a few minutes and mouse clicks to accomplish that.

You also don’t have to worry about outgrowing Fotor:  when you get a little more skilled with your work, or decide you want to upgrade to take advantage of advanced editing features, Fotor also has a Pro version starting at just $3.33 a month! That’s less than a cup of coffee to take advantage of some real, powerful image editing tools!  In fact, your customers (or maybe even your boss) may be so impressed with the images you can create with Fotor that might even buy YOU a cup of coffee for your great work.

But don’t take my word for it, you can use Fotor for free to start editing your photos TODAY.