America’s Most Decorated States – Find the Safest Bets for Sporting Wins

Each US state takes great pride in its teams, whether it’s baseball, basketball, football or hockey. How does your region compares to the rest of the USA’s most successful states?

If you hail from a state known for competing in the ‘Big Four’ leagues of Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, National Hockey League and National Football League, you’ll be well versed with your team’s history. PlayUSA have studied the trophy cabinets of teams across these sports to measure which state can be deemed the most successful.

Studying the wins of each state within the big four leagues across the decades, our research includes all states who have had at least one win and ranks them from most to least successful. To accompany this, PlayUSAhave tapped into the loyalty of sports fans across the USA, delving into their views regarding politics on the pitch, and which sports Americans typically support outside of the Big Leagues.

Leagues Ahead

With the big four drawing in thousands of fans to their stadiums each year and even more viewers to the screen, which team is truly the biggest winner? The research revealed that the sporting powerhouses topping the leagues were:

  • Empire State of Mind – The state of New York is not shy of silverware, with 52 wins across all 4 disciplines. Baseball is the state’s flagship sport with 35 wins collected from the Yankees, Mets, Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers.
  • All the Gold in California – The USA’s ‘Golden State’ have accumulated 39 wins across predominantly basketball and baseball in addition to 9 Superbowl wins and 3 Stanley Cups. Teams like the Warriors, Rams and Kings have made California a force to be reckoned with in recent years.
  • Nothing But Net – Topping the chart for NBA wins with a total of 17, Massachusetts receives the bronze position with 37 wins overall. And basketball’s not their only success story, home to the MBL’s Boston Red Sox where Babe Ruth launched his career and the formidable NFL team the New England Patriots, it’s clear to see how Massachusetts have earned a top three spot.

The Coast that Boasts the Most

East and West Coast comparisons also reveal some interesting stats. The East Coast takes a landslide victory against the West, with 138 wins across 5 states, compared to the West’s 39 gained only in the above mentioned California.

However, a state’s success doesn’t impact the loyalty of their fans. The survey revealed that sports fans in the West were more likely to support a team from their state, with 73% keeping their sporting loyalties close to home. However, fans from the East of the country were more likely to remain loyal to their teams than their Western counterparts, with 51% claiming they would never change which team they supported, even if drastic changes were made such as the team moving state, versus 45% of those from the West.

Go Big Four or Go Home

Whilst the big leagues dominate U.S. sporting news and viewership, are they the be all and end all? Our survey revealed that this might not be the case.

22% of men surveyed said they also follow Major League Soccer, although only 10% of women do the same. Another contender for fandom is college level sport, as 41% prefer watching this compared to the Big Four. In the Southeast, this stat is even higher, at 52%, compared to 33% of Northeastern respondents. However, when analysing the results by league, 72% of NFL fans from the Southeast favoured the Big League over the college level equivalent.

For the full research and to find out how your state has performed over the years, click here.


We researched the winners from the big four major national US sports leagues since each competition began, then divided the winning teams by their state of origin. For the ranking, we used a weighted index in which each state was assigned a score for each metric out of ten. These scores have then been combined into an average, which was used to provide a final ranking of each state’s performance as compared with other states.