How Do You Get Your Cause or Business Noticed? It’s All In The Wrist!

Time was, everyone who could tell time wore a wristwatch.  Getting a “real watch” (as opposed to those cheap kiddie watches you could buy at the grocery store) was seen as a right of passage. It was something that was given on a big birthday (like turning 16), graduation, or on a big event like your wedding day. Buying a gold Rolex for many years was considered the status symbol that you “had arrived” in the business world. Wristwatches were so much a part of the work culture that “getting a gold watch” became synonymous with retirement and moving on to enjoy the good life.

And then came cell phones.

It happened slowly. Many of us kept our wristwatches out of habit and because early cell phones required that you open them up to see the often tiny display. And, with spotty cell service in the old days, could you really be sure you had the correct time?  But then came smart phones with their big, clear screens and ever present time on the front. No need to lift up your arm, tilt it slightly toward your face while you turned your head and tilted slightly down to see your wrist. Who had time for all that?

So, wristwatches went the way of men’s hats in the 1960s, a symbol of a bygone era that no longer saw a use for something that only years before was indispensable.  (“What?? Go to work without a hat? Are you a tramp?”)  And yet, if offered $100, most people could not accurately tell you where their old wristwatches are currently stored at home.  Not saying I really miss them, but it does present a new fashion problem: what to do with the space between your hands and your elbows? Even in the coldest weather, you can still see most people’s wrists, all naked and bare these days.

Unless, of course, they’re sporting a colorful wristband!  What started out as a unique way to show support for your favorite charity has now turned into a full blown fashion craze, with many people sporting several custom silicone wristbands (carefully color coordinated, of course) supporting not just causes, but also local business and even feature a catchy phrase worth remembering or attempting to live up to. (Live Strong!)  So, rather than give away a boring T-shirt at your next event, you can give away a custom silicon wristband that will stand out from the crowd. They’re also inexpensive to purchase and easy to store, meaning you can give them away to months at a time at a variety of events.

So, in the end, you’ve not only solved the world’s biggest post-cell phone fashion problem–bare wrists–but you also found a way to get the word out about your cause, charity, or business!