Make Your Facebook Page Look Professional with Fotor’s Cover Maker

Making posters is easy at Fotor!
Making posters is easy at Fotor!

I have a colleague who considers herself somewhat of a social media guru. She’s trying to start her own consulting business and seems to have done well in the past with the companies she used to work for, getting them established on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat. But her own Facebook page is something else: she has a plane cover image, and some recent photos from her seminar were posted UPSIDE DOWN! Maybe she just hasn’t put the time into it, or maybe she just doesn’t have the right photo editing tools. Whatever the reason, her page comes off as less that professional.

The good news is that you don’t need to be a professional graphic designer or pay thousands of dollars for photo editing software: everything you need is at a service that BadJocks has endorsed for several years now. It’s a powerful, user-friendly online photo editing suite, that is available from ANYWHERE. Photo editing software on your PC is nice, but it doesn’t do you any good when its at home and you’re on the road.  Need a quick poster for your event? Fotor has a poster creation tool that not only allows you to unleash your creativity, but is available whenever and wherever you are 24/7.   It comes with some easy-to-use templates that make you look professional right out of the box.

For my aspiring social media entrepreneur friend, Fotor’s Facebook cover maker would go a long way to making her look more professional.  You don’t have to know the proper size or format: Fotor does that all for you and THEN SOME.

Everyone wants to look good online.  Even the simplest pictures are judged and scrutinized, even if you’re not a Kardashian! It’s just the world we live in these days.  But with, you don’t have the excuse anymore that you don’t have the money or the skill to produce great results.  They do all the heavy lifting, you just need to come up with the ideas.  And if you ever do decided you want something even more powerful Fotor has an inexpensive upgrade to Fotor Pro, which unleashes even more features and gets rid of all those pesky ads.

What are you waiting for? Bob Reno says “give Fotor a try and you won’t regret it!”