A Guide to Bryce Canyon Horse Rides

horseback riding in the Grand CanyonA trip to the Grand Canyon area is not complete without venturing out to enjoy one of the Bryce Canyon horse rides. With the challenging terrain and the extremes in climate, some people may feel that they are missing out on exploring the Canyons if they are not as mobile as they would like. That’s where a horseback tour can come in. From the back of a horse, visitors can explore the terrain and enjoy an outdoor, immersive experience, without having to navigate the rocky and challenging terrain on foot.

The majority of horseback tours provided of the Grand Canyon take visitors around either the North or the South Rim, but they never incorporate both. Before you book on the horseback tour, it is always worth finding out which routes the tours will take so you can choose one that is most suited to what you want to see.

There are several options for a horseback tour, and visitors can enjoy a day trip or if they prefer a multi-night tour. However, ensure you are prepared for your long-distance ride. On the day trips, the tours typically last between one and two hours. Many providers also offer an evening tour which features a stop by a campfire along the way. The horses used for the tours are accustomed to the routes, so they do require very little direction or guidance from the rider.

If you prefer to enjoy more of the Grand Canyon, you can book on one of the many multi-night horseback tours. For these Bryce Canyon horse rides, visitors usually take in many more sights including the Bryce Canyon, Red Canyon and the Zion National Park. Each night will be spent camping under the stars, so guests will be required to bring their own camping kit including a sleeping bag and pillow.

When choosing the company for your horseback tour, it is recommended that you choose an experienced provider of these tours. Providers should set high standards for their tours and provide you with all of the information that you need to make an informed decision about whether the tour is right for you. Tour providers should be knowledgeable and experienced, advising you on the routes, costs and be able to easily answer any questions that you have about the tour. Tours can take in many of the sights and sounds of the Bryce Canyon, and they are offered in varying lengths from a couple of hours to a few days combining other activities. If you haven’t been horseback riding before, it is recommended that you start out with the shorter tours and then progress to one of the longer ones later on.

As one of the most historical tours that you can find in the Bryce Canyon, a horseback tour will take you deep into the canyon where you can view some of the most spectacular natural rock formations and scenery that you have ever witnessed. Venture back in time as you navigate the horse down rugged trails and steep winding paths. Make some memories with a horseback ride through the Bryce Canyon, a truly unforgettable experience.