Can the Chicago Cubs Repeat as World Series Champion?

Chicago Cubs logoAs most sports fans know, 2016 was a magical season for the Chicago Cubs, ending in a crucial Game 7 win over the Cleveland Indians to grab their first World Series win in 108 years! So, now the Curse of the Billy Goat has been lifted, the weight is off their shoulders (and the shoulders of every long suffering Cubs fan!) … so now what? What happens in 2017? Winning the World Series one time is difficult enough, but winning back-t0-back titles? That will take an even bigger type of magic. We’re not saying it won’t happen or can’t happen, but you better strap yourself in for an interesting season!  If you’re going to the game buy your Chicago Cubs tickets here

First off, it’s not often you can catch lightning in a bottle once, but twice? The Cubs had a strong regular season in 2016, swept through playoffs and at times made it look easy . . . until the met the Indians in the Series.  It took every miracle in the book and they still had to play seven games before it was decided. So, it’s not like the Cubs won it in a cake walk last year.

On the plus side, the Cubs still have arguably one of the greatest front office managers in all of professional sports, Theo Epstein. The Cubs stole him from the Red Sox after the young genius brought Boston its first World Series win back in 2004, just two years after hiring him and 86 years since their last World Series win. With Theo as general manager, Chicago has an advantage right off the bat (pardon the pun.)

Then, they have a very young team, mostly players that Epstein has brought in over the past few years. They work great together as a team, and there does not seem to be a prima donna in the bunch. That makes for great locker room chemistry and helps ensure that the players won’t be too hard on themselves if they hit a dry patch and also won’t let it go to their heads if they happen to hit a hot streak. If Major League Baseball has shown us anything over the past few decades, it’s that there are a lot of talented players out there who can’t–or won’t–deal with the tough times. And there are always tough times over a 162 game season.

The Cubs have also built a winning attitude with their players and fans. The secret to success they say, is success! That being, a winning attitude can help you win just as much as a losing attitude can help you lose. The players have their heads on straight and it would take a monumental turn to shake them at this point.

So, can the Chicago Cubs repeat as World Series Champions in 2017? They certainly have all the right pieces in place to do so, and have already shown they know how to create some magic when they need it. That combination gives them a great chance to repeat and we wouldn’t be surprised if they win several over the next decade as one of baseball’s new dynasties!