The Best Goal Celebrations Ever

There have been some very memorable goal celebrations in football over the years, from players kicking advertising boards, to the famous ‘Klinsmann’ dive. Goal celebrations are what football is all about, and here are some of the best ones:

Jurgen Klinsmann – During his stint at Tottenham Hotspurs in the Premier League, Jurgen was renowned for his tendency to dive when trying to win penalties and free kicks. The opposition fans always gave him a hard time, so he decided he would celebrate his goals by a full-on chest slide across the turf.

Luis Suarez v Everton – Similar to Klinsmann, Suarez had been subject to some comments by the Everton manager, David Moyes. He had called for the referee to get tough on Suarez, with regards to his tendency to dive. Of course, Suarez scored and headed straight for the rival manager, flopping onto the floor in front of him. Great TV! This was in the famous season when Liverpool looked odds on for the Premier League title.

Gazza v Scotland – The England team were widely reported as going on a bender in the lead up to Euro 96. They had been photographed taking part in what was dubbed ‘The Dentist’s Chair,’ where a player would sit down and have drink poured into his mouth. After Gazza scored an absolute class goal, he ran to the water bottles and lay on the ground as his team mates squirted the drink into his mouth. Very funny.

The Robot – Another England goal celebration from unlikely dance star, Peter Crouch. After scoring for England, he then decided to treat viewers to the ‘Robot’ dance, which had a humorous effect due to the long, lanky limbs of the tall striker.

LuaLua – Newcastle were often treated to a gymnastic display by LuaLua, where he mastered flips and other gymnast skills that looked like he was participating in the Olympics. However, he overdid it one time and proceeded to vomit on the pitch. Nice!

Ketsbaia – Not a household name, but you couldn’t leave this one out of the list. Another Newcastle player who, after scoring a goal, proceeded to kick the heck out of the advertising boards at the side of the pitch as his team mates tried to stop him. Crazy!

Giggs v Arsenal– Not sure if this goes down as a best celebration, but it was famous for something. After Giggs scored an amazing goal where he had ran past, dodging half of the Arsenal team, he took his shirt off and swung it round his head. Everybody got a good look at his very hairy chest that day, providing entertainment for all.

Brilliant goal celebrations go down in history, almost as much as the goals themselves. However, they don’t seem to make them like they used to. Instead of the now popular ‘heart’ shapes, hugs and boring knee slides, footballers should get back into celebrating like some of the greats!