The Lighter Side of Baseball: Interesting Stories and Facts

Baseball is still one of the most favorite sports in the United States. It has been so for years. The game is simple and easy to follow, making it one of the most watched sports of all time. Despite the competitive nature of baseball, there have been a lot of famously funny and interesting moments over the years. Let’s take a break from following updates from the league and take a look at stories and facts from baseball history, shall we?

Babe Ruth’s Salary

Babe Ruth is one of the most famous baseball players of all time. Even those who don’t really follow baseball usually know Babe Ruth as a baseball player. He was a very charitable player and indeed one of the best superstars in baseball history.

At the peak of his career, Babe Ruth earned $80,000 for a season. His highest season salary was received in both 1930 and 1931. What’s interesting is the fact that Ruth only earned around a third of what today’s average baseball players earn.

Taking inflation and other factors into consideration, Babe Ruth’s 1930 salary is worth around $1 million today. According to the latest surveys, the average baseball stars earn around $3 million a year. While many believe that Babe Ruth was underpaid, Ruth still earned enough to afford a superstar lifestyle at the time.

Cobb’s Suspension

In 1912, during a game between the Tigers versus the Highlanders (now the Yankees), Ty Cobb stepped into the stands and took on a heckler himself. It was a controversial move and one that resulted in him being suspended from playing future matches.

This was a particularly interesting occurrence, because the heckler who insulted Cobb was recorded to have lost one hand and missing three fingers on the other, after being involved in a workplace accident.

Many around Cobb notified the player about the state of his heckler, but Cobb continued punishing the man simply because he had harassed Cobb several times before. Of course, Cobb was suspended quickly afterwards.

This particular series of Ty Cobb facts didn’t end there either. Cobb’s teammates refused to play when Cobb was suspended. It wasn’t until the suspension was reduced to just 10 days that the other players agreed to play again.

The US Military Issued Grenades

A lot of baseball fans don’t know this, but the US military actually designed grenades to resemble the size and weight of a baseball ball during the World War II. It is called the Beano Grenade and it was manufactured specifically for Office of Strategic Services (now the CIA)

This shows how popular baseball really is. The Beano hand grenade was developed because many soldiers were already used to playing baseball. The Office of Strategic Services believed that grenade could be thrown further and more accurately because soldiers had had a lot of training playing baseball as teenagers.

The grenade was recalled after just a short period of time because some of them malfunctioned and detonated prematurely, killing US troops in the process. Still, this is a baseball-related trivia fact that sparked interest among many fans.