5 of the Worst Football Injuries in the Last Decade

Football is one of the biggest sports in the world thanks to its entertaining matches and players that grace the pitch. Football is a beautiful game, but unfortunately there are times when it is nothing but disgusting. These times often consist of some horrific football player injuries, and some that have even forced players to retire early on in their careers. Let’s have a look at some of the worst football injuries that have happened in the last decade.

Kieran Dyer

Kieran Dyer was involved in a disgusting incident on the pitch when he was playing for West Ham against Bristol Rovers in the Carling Cup, nearly 10 years ago. He was tackled by a Bristol Rovers player that left his leg broken in two places. His injury was so horrific that many people thought he would retire, but 5 months later he was back on the pitch doing the thing he loved most. He ended up going on to play for another 6 years, which is respectable as some players with similar injuries haven’t been able to play professional football again.

Alan Smith

Nearly a decade ago when Alan Smith was plying his trade for Manchester United against Liverpool, the unthinkable happened to the striker and he broke his left leg and had a dislocated ankle. There was no rash challenge involved, he simply fell on his leg in the worst way possible which gave him the horrific injury. Even the main man Sir Alex Ferguson said it was one of the worst things he has seen on a pitch when it comes to injuries.

Djibril Cisse

If anyone remembers Cisse on the pitch, you will already know how much of a tough player he was. That didn’t stop him from receiving one of the worst sporting injuries possible though, and he ended up with a fractured tibia and fibula that nearly required his leg to be amputated. He made a full recovery just 7 months later, but after 2 years of playing he was subject to another horrific injury that gave him a broken leg. He played again 7 months later after that as well, which just goes to show what a tough player he was.

Petr Cech

If you have ever wondered why Petr Cech wears that head brace when playing, it’s because he had a knee to the head from Stephen Hunt when Chelsea played Reading in 2006. He ended up getting a blood clot from the injury and it required immediate surgery, some club doctors even feared for his life. He made a full recovery just 3 months later though, and still wears the head brace now playing for Arsenal.

Eduardo Da Silva

Eduardo Da Silva was subject to a rash challenge from Martin Taylor when Arsenal played Birmingham in 2008. He ended up with a broken leg and a dislocated left ankle, which ensured he wasn’t able to step foot on a pitch again for a year. A lot of fans believe the tackle from Martin Taylor was clearly intentional, but he didn’t face any rap for it because analysis shows it was just a mistimed challenge.

There are many other sporting injuries that have proved fatal over the years, and the above players are very lucky they were still able to carry on playing professional football for their clubs. Bookmaker Ratings has plenty of other information and statistics for things just like this, so it’s always worth having a look at if you want to research anything when it comes to the game we love – you will also be able to take advantage of free bets and free tips.