Video: Fan Heckles Rory McIlroy, then makes putt for $100 Ryder Cup 2016

You have to see this one to believe it!

From the YouTube description:

Either Justin Rose or Henrik Stenson — there’s some debate as to who actually was involved — took advantage of both and made a memorable moment on Thursday after overhearing a random American fan saying he could make a 12-foot putt that was just missed by Rory McIlroy.

The Europeans doubted it, so they put $100 right next to the ball and dared the spectator — David Johnson from North Dakota — to cash the check his mouth was writing.

Guess what? Johnson drained that sucker. And he threw some #TourSauce on it, too, with a Tiger Woods fist pump. Dude even got love from Rose’s caddie and the European golfers, including McIlroy.