4 Common Sports Injuries

woman stretchingInjuries happen, especially during sports. It does not matter how careful you are, you will end up having at least a few bruises, and at times without any mistake of your own.

Here are four common sports injuries, that happen to almost every sports person.

1. Knee Ligament Injury

Knee ligament injuries are the most dreaded injuries that professional athletes are afraid to face. These injuries can be specified into PCL, MCL, LCL and ACL injury. Ligament is a band of tissues that connect your bones with muscles. If there is too much stress on these tissues, they end up rupturing. These injuries are very painful and can affect badly on your lifestyle. However, the treatment of these kinds of injuries have become successful and are repairable.

The injury is painful and can take up to six weeks to properly heal. You are usually suggested to put no pressure on your knee and use crutches to walk. Some known names to have suffered this kind of injury include Tiger Woods, and Baron Davis.

2. Tennis Elbow

When you overuse your arm, hand muscles or forearm, it can cause elbow pain, which is known as tennis elbow. It is not as painful as knee ligament but affects your ability to use your arm properly. Mostly, the tendons that connect your muscles and bones are slightly teared. In rare cases, these tendons are ripped apart which causes unbearable pain.

This kind of injury requires rest for it to heal, and at times the healing process may take months. This largely depends on the extent of the injury and treatment required. Some known names to have suffered from tennis elbow include Sachin Tendulkar, and Jim Vanek.

3. Shin Splints

This injury is very, very common with runners and dancers. It is caused by excess use of lower leg muscles, often by ramping up the intensity of running or changing from dirt track to asphalt. Weakness in stabilizing muscles of the core or stress fractures (tiny breaks in lower leg bones) can also be the factor behind this injury. Although, shin splints usually injury heal on their own in a month; if you feel like it’s not then be sure to visit a doctor.

4. Ankle Sprain

If your ankle has been twisted and shows agonizing pain and swelling, you have sprained your ankle. This is caused when you tear your ligaments in your foot(ankle). Most of the time it can be bearable and heals quickly but sometimes, it can be agonizing and takes a lot of time to heal. This depends on how much sprain has occurred on your ankles.

This injury is common in almost all sports, especially sports that include running such as football and cricket. A simple wrong turn can cause you to sprain your ankle, but the healing time is less (one to two weeks).

Injuries are a part and parcel of sports. To make sure you stay healthy, take all precautionary measures such as wearing safety gear and only playing sports when you’re healthy enough.