Coming to a Theater or WWE Event Near You Soon: The Iranian Hulk

No kidding. I really thought this was PhotoShopped when I first saw the story. This guy can’t be for real, can he?

Iranian Hulk - Sajad Gharibi

Here’s more on this beast from CBS Sports:

If the next Marvel franchise is looking to cast a gigantic superhero — or supervillain — they need look no further than Sajad Gharibi.

Gharibi has earned the nickname, “The Iranian Hulk,” due to his massive size and uncanny proportions. He’s also known as “The Persian Hercules,” and he’s a powerlifter with designs on becoming the next WWE superstar. He even called out Triple H in a recent Instagram post. It’s hard to imagine nobody will give this guy a chance to be on the big screen. So look out for the Iranian Hulk, coming to a movie theater near you.