You Knew This Would Happen: Canadian Curling World Swept Up in ‘Broomgate’

The popular ice-based sport of curling has joined the big leagues! No, not in popularity (although likely it will be the highlight of the next Winter Olympics) but in controversy.  And it’s not steroids or deflated balls, but it does involved brooms which might dramatically alter the game.

More from Global News (video below):

Broomgate, as many are calling it, has now prompted the World Curling Federation to act on a controversial broom.  Curling rinks are buzzing with talk about the new fabric on the broom heads.

“On what I’ve seen in terms of research, it is sorta like sandpaper but at a microscopic level,” said Dan Bubola of the Calgary Curling Club. “Normally, you see two guys sweeping as hard as you can. Now, you’re getting one guy sweeping this way, one guy sweeping that way and they’re trying to alter the path of the rock.”

In curling, you sweep a rock to make it go further and straighter. Critics, however, say these new brooms can actually slow a rock down and make it curl more — causing a real “broom-ha-ha.”