Tyson Fury’s Bad-Boy Image Allows Spotlight for Anthony Joshua

boxing match winnerBritish boxing is currently dominating the world, especially when it comes to the heavyweights. With two world champions in Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury, things are on the up for the Brits. However, the two champions are expected to go head-to-head in the next 18 months. With that in mind, we’re wondering if Fury’s bad-boy image wouldn’t look so bad if Joshua wasn’t the golden boy of the sport

Both are talented fighters that have yet to lose, however, they couldn’t be anymore different in and out of the ring, perhaps why fans are so eager for the duo to step in to the ring with one another.

Fury has found himself in hot water for his carelessness attitude to his weight, his training, the sport in general, the fans and for many verbal outbursts. However, these loud-mouthed, obnoxious fighters were loved a few decades ago, so what’s gone wrong for Fury?

The sport has seen somewhat of a revival in the last decade, and fans seem to want a saviour, a role model and a hero. Joshua, who’s far Fury’s junior, has taken the spotlight of boxing in Britain and across the world, and it’s seemingly made Fury look worse.

Joshua was praised for beating Charles Martin, who held the belt Fury won of the legendary Wladimir Klitschko. Joshua received mountains of praise from fans, whereas Fury got little to none for winning the same belt off of a far superior opponent. You can see who’s fighting who, with all upcoming bouts set to shine all summer.

Fury admitted that they’re on different paths- albeit ones that could cross- saying, “I’m going to do my thing and he’s going to do his thing. I hope he makes lots of money.”

Both men have bouts this summer, and then other commitments, but then they could be able to sit down and sign a contract to secure a unification fight with one another. Not only would it be a chance for Fury to win his old belt back, but with victory, he’d gain back some of the support he’s perhaps unfairly lost to Joshua.

Both are talented, unbeaten and hold world titles, so it’s clear to see the hype surrounding their possible fight. But because of Joshua’s hero-like status, and constant effort and love of boxing, it has made Fury look a less significant fighter than he clearly is. Fury enjoys a post-fight pizza, like many of us would, while Joshua is usually straight back to his grind, maybe after a Nando’s that is.

Although they’re so close to a blockbuster bout, Joshua’s huge support certainly casts even more shadows around Fury’s already tainted bad-boy image. Fury could change, but that would be no fun, would it?

The only way he can silence his critics and prove that being the conventional hero and fitness freak- like Joshua- doesn’t work is by beating him, or better yet, knocking him out.

His July 9 rematch against Klitschko should give him some credibility should he win, but a win over Joshua would allow Joshua’s fame to fizzle out, all while diminishing the bad-boy image that many moan about Fury having.

Will Fury become the fans’ favorite?