Video: College basketball junior pulls off an incredible dunk from BEHIND the free throw line

Is this video for real, an optical illusion, or some kind of CGI?

Here’s more on the story from the Daily Mail:

At 6? 2?, Patrick Dickert is considered small in the world of basketball. But the Colby College player has somehow managed a dunk so incredible, even the NBA’s finest would find it hard to follow. In a video posted to his Instagram that has stunned the internet, the 21-year-old junior guard is seen launching himself from the free throw line to the hoop to make the amazing shot, which is a huge distance of 15 feet.

But as the footage went viral, many question whether Dickert had somehow faked the shot. He swears the dunk is legitimate. ‘I get asked if I lowered the hoop but I didn’t,’ he told the Portland Press Herald.  ‘I don’t even know how to lower a hoop.’  Dickert said he has been working on the move for some time, and performed it at Deerfield Academy in Deerfield, Massachusetts. The school has confirmed the dunk was completed on a regulation-sized basketball hoop.
‘I went there with the intent to make the dunk,’ he said.  ‘I’ve been practicing it for a long time and I didn’t want to be the known as the ‘missed dunk guy.”

The video also came as a shock to Dickert’s coach, Damien Strahorn, when the student showed it to him.  ‘The fact that he is able to physically take off take off from 15 feet away and stay in the air long enough to dunk it, it’s a very impressive feat. It’s pretty crazy,’ Strahorn told the press Herald. ‘To think about the athletes you see do it in the NBA dunk contest, for him to do it at his size is remarkable.’ Dickert said he has been practicing dunk shots during breaks in training sessions and has started filming them for his social media accounts. Three weeks before he made the dunk, he posted a video of himself missing a similar free throw shot. ‘I’ve been trying the dunk for a while,’ Dickert said.   ‘I was especially motivated because I’d missed it. So, I came back at it with a vengeance.’