Video: North Carolina high school girl suspended after vicious hit on soccer field

UPDATE: Apparently Pine Forest goalkeeper Cassie Sturtz has a history of taking out strikers with flying tackles. Sturtz used a similarly aggressive move during the 2014-15 season during a match against fellow North Carolina foe Grays Creek. Watch this video and decide if a two game suspension now seems like enough of a punishment.

EARLIER: I’m no expert, but seems like if you did something like this to a stranger on the street, you’d get arrested, wouldn’t you? Watch and cringe.

Here’s more from NBC4i:

Pine Forest goalie Cassie Sturtz has been suspended after a video caught her leaving her feet in a full dive at a rival player from Pinecrest High School. The incident happened at the end of the game, and the video has exploded on the web. The Pilot newspaper reported the officials took no action immediately but decided after the game that Sturtz should be suspended. Ernie Fisher of the North Carolina Soccer Referees Association confirmed that Sturtz has been suspended. Fisher also confirmed that the incident happened right at the end of the game.