Video: High School Football Player Smears IcyHot in Opponent’s Eyes

Icy hot to the face of HS football playerBy now, many of you have see the image of the California high school football player having Icy Hot washed off his face during a game after an opposing player smeared it there.

Now, watch the video of it happening.  What is wrong with high school football players this year?

More on the story from the Washington Post:

That antagonist is alleged to be Rahyme Johnson, a linebacker for Salesian who has verbally committed to be part of UCLA’s 2017 recruiting class. From a report on the game, which occurred in early September, by the La Cañada Valley Sun:

The referee stopped play as [Coach Ryan] Zerbel and the La Cañada sideline began to suspect that a Salesian player had sprayed or smeared Icy Hot or something similar on Salazar.

After a few minutes, officials could not prove what exactly happened, but said they would be reporting Salazar and Salesian’s Rahyme Johnson to the [California Interscholastic Federation]. Johnson’s pants had a white substance on them and he was seen washing his hands and taking off his gloves. …

“It threw everything into a loop,” said Zerbel, who admittedly was peeved immediately after the game because of it. “But that’s why people do those things. I’m just happy he’s okay; Icy Hot is not meant to go in your eyes.”