WinPalace Casino Owners Arrested on Multiple Charges

Grizzly Gambling logoIn the online casino world, different management groups control and operate different sites. This makes it pretty easy to research whether or not a new site is likely to be trustworthy because you can simply look at how the other sites operate from the same management group. With Netad, Affactive and RevenueJet, all three management companies had a bad reputation for not being trustworthy at all and for outright stealing from players. This is why it wasn’t all that surprising for a lot of industry experts when the owners of these sites were hit with a lot of charges related to certain types of fraud and identity theft.

The Nature of the Charges

The two people arrested were Ziv Orenstein and Gery Shalon, and they were arrested in Israel. They were arrested primarily for a number of penny stock scams, and they’re being charged with securities fraud on top of identity theft and money laundering. A number of other charges could be heading their way with potential UIGEA violations and a connection to JPMorgan Chase being hacked in 2014 with lots of sensitive customer information stolen. These two are being sent to the United States to stand trial.

The Problem With Prohibition

Something these sites were really known for was offering online casino play to players in countries like the United States and Canada, where things fall in a bit of a gray area legally. The Grizzly Online Gambling Portal has noted that virtually every single one of the 12+ sites that were shut down as a result of these arrests served both of these countries, and it really illustrates a big problem with prohibition in general.

When there is a demand for something, prohibition pushes it underground. People are going to gamble just like they’re going to drink alcohol, and no amount of law enforcement is going to change that. The only difference is that when it’s not regulated, it generates no funding for government programs to help people who need it, and it pushes customers into the open arms of shady operators like Orenstein and Shalon. Not all online gambling operators are shady, but a fair number of them are, and these would be eliminated from the market with proper regulation.

Legality of Online Gambling

Each country has its own laws and legal framework for handling online gambling. In Canada, for instance, each province has the ability to operate its own games, but none of them can license foreign operators. In the United States, individual states can regulate the industry or make their own laws regarding it, so it’s a felony to play in some places like Washington state, and it’s completely legal and regulated in others like New Jersey.

In the United Kingdom, there’s a strict licensing body, and in Australia, it’s a little more clouded and unclear. However, the more that these countries work together to establish acceptable practices and unified licensing guidelines, the better time the players are going to have, and the less often you’re going to see shady operators persist.

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