Girls HS Basketball Coach Loses Game, Gets All Bitey

martin mug shot

Hey coach! Maybe You’re not yourself when you’re hungry. Have a Snickers . . . or maybe just nibble on someone’s face.

Apparently yelling at, and/or punching someone else is not enough to let coaches express their emotions these days. Now, it seems, it’s all about the biting.

A couple of weeks ago we read a story about a high school hockey coach, after losing 9-1, who allegedly attacked and bit a referee.

Now we have a female basketball coach at South Cobb High School (GA) who allegedly bit a rival coach twice AND threw a chair at him. Police say that an assistant principal and two other coaches watched as Melonie Joyce Martin threatened Tyrone Harris, coach at Campbell High School, which had just beaten Martin’s team. According to police, Martin went after Harrris after the game “threatened to burst his grill” before doing the Bobby Knight chair toss and biting him IN THE FACE twice.

Martin, who is also a language arts teacher at the school, was charged with terroristic threats and acts, a felony, and simple battery, a misdemeanor.

Source: AJC