The Funny Sports Meme

You can’t do anything on the internet nowadays without coming across some sort of meme somewhere. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as memes provide great humour, whether laugh-out-loud, dry or sarcastic.

A good meme can brighten your day, no matter what the subject. So to give you all some comic relief, we’ve found the top funniest sports memes:

1. The Lookalike Meme

Look Alike Meme

There’s no denying a great (or terrible) lookalike meme. Whether it’s a similarity between someone famous in a different field, an inanimate object or an animal, everybody appreciates a good lookalike. Often it’s met with one of two responses: the appreciative smile and nod as the viewer thinks to themselves ‘oh yeah, how come I didn’t spot this before? It’s uncanny!’ or alternatively the spit-out-your-drink completely caught by surprise hilarious outburst. The latter usually happens when the sports star in question is compared to some sort of animal.
2. The Pop Culture Reference


Isn’t it great when you can see a similarity between reality and some form of art – be it cinematic, on TV, or even in a book or comic. Everybody loves a good pop culture reference and sports fans are no different. This one may be harking back into the archives of pop culture, what with Space Jam being a 20 year old film and all, but for those of us who have seen the film, or are old enough to get it, this meme is priceless.
3. The Sarcastic Meme


Everybody finds a smile creeping on them after a good bit of sarcasm. Whether your team plays on a field, pitch, court or rink, we all share the same feeling when one player appears to carry a whole team.
4. The Anti-Idle Meme


As any sports lover will tell you, it doesn’t matter whether you’re on the pitch/court, training or just watching from the sidelines, anything is better than sitting on your bum, being idle. Even retired sportsters would rather try than succumb to the stereotype of bingo as seen in the meme above. Unfortunately bingo players don’t agree, and usually have discussions about bingo-bashing memes at great length on bingo sites and Facebook pages.
5. The Misdirection Meme


You would definitely be forgiven for taking a cursory glance at this meme and not having a clue how it relates to sport. That’s the beauty of it. The whole misdirection from being about health to then implying your team’s predicament affects your health is hilarious. The laugh comes from being caught off guard, and you can’t argue with a meme as intelligent and funny as that.
6. The Ref Attack


There’s nothing like a good attack on a ref to unite sports fans. Whether it be in the case of basketball above, or in any other sport, fans of all teams will come together over some shocking decision making from referees. When bad refereeing occurs in an important tournament, you can guarantee there will be loads of witty and hilarious memes floating around as soon as the game is done.