Daily Blast: May 17, 2027

Texas Girls Soccer Coach Becomes 33rd Teacher Arrested This Year in the Longhorn State for Having Sexual Relations With a Student – The honor goes to Cleburne (Texas) High girls soccer coach William Christopher Francis, 27. We doubt he’s going to like the “award” they give him.

Brazil Has a Sports Mascot Called Mr. Testicles – And no, I don’t know why.

MLS Player Shoves Ball Boy – Well, the kid was holding the ball with his hands, which I’m pretty sure you’re not suppose to do that in soccer or it will burn your fingers right off. So really, he was protecting the kid. Link has video.

Sign with Poem at Youth Baseball Park Reminds Parents “He’s Only a Boy” – Good advice for all parents who get a little too carried away at their kids games.

“Clumsy” Golf Club Thief Caught on Video Falling on His Face as He Ran Off With Stolen Clubs

PGA Golf Pro Accused of Stealing $4000 Worth of Clubs From Country Club Members