Trio Rent Golf Carts, then Wreck Them to . . . Make YouTube Video?

Jackson, Michigan is not far from the BadJocks Bunker. In fact, we’ve driven by the Cascades Golf Course in the past, so we know right were it is. Not much happens here, so it was surprising when a reader sent us this story. Our only disappointment is that it appears that none of the carts ended up in the water, as one is known to attract the other. It’s one of Newton’s Laws of Physicals, I think. tells it pretty well:

The three men rented a cart and paid to golf about 6:30 p.m., said Phil Fischmeister, the course manager. About 9 p.m., a golfer came off the course and told Fischmeister there were “some kids out screwing around.” The golfer said they were driving over greens and through sand traps. Fischmeister, who only had the two carts still on the course, went to investigate. He first found one cart left in the course’s parking lot. It was “filthy,” full of branches and leaves, he said.

“I don’t know where they were driving it,” he said.  Out on the course, Fischmeister found the second cart, abandoned in the middle of the seventh hole. The cart was badly damaged, with a ball bearing completely ripped off, Fischmeister said.  As he returned to the club to find a tow for the damaged cart, Fischmeister saw the three men from earlier walking through the parking lot. The three told Fischmeister they lost a cellphone on the course and returned to look for it. He asked them about the damaged carted.

“They were playing dumb,” Fischmeister said. “One kid was getting a little mouthy with me and didn’t want to cooperate, so I called the police.”  During separate interviews with all three, the men said they were trying to speed the golf cart down a hill and send it airborne over a smaller hill. They were trying to make a video to post to YouTube, Rand said.   Deputies arrived and arrested the 20-year-old for malicious destruction of property. A report will be sent to the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office for potential charges against the other two.