Cops Say Gym Teacher Left School to Masturbate in Public – Timothy D. Lawson

For months–MONTHS!–Las Vegas, Nevada cops have been receiving reports about a black man either masturbating or urinating in public and were unable to catch him “in the act” so to speak. In all, nearly a dozen women reported seeing a grown man, sometimes just sitting on a concrete wall in the middle of the day, just pleasuring himself, not seeming to care of anyone saw him. Sometimes multiple times day and frequently near Cimarron-Memorial High School.

But officers were never able to put all the clues together until a former student of CMHS gym teacher Timothy “That’s Some Grip” Lawson saw him while walking to work one morning. And then saw him the next day masturbating in an alley. She was able to identify him from her school days and within a short period of time, cops had Lawson “in hand” and charged him with one count of open or gross lewdness and one count of indecent exposure.

According to school officials, Lawson was at home on paid leave when he was arrested, but gave no reason why he wasn’t in school.

Source: Las Vegas Sun