Arkansas Fires Petrino: “Engaged in Pattern of Misleading and Manipulative Behavior”

According to the Razorback’s athletic director Jeff Long, it wasn’t so much that football coach Bobby “Evil Kenevil” Petrino had a girlfriend on the side. It was the fact that he lied–apparently repeatedly–about having a girlfriend on the side, did not disclose that 25-year-old Jessica Dorrell was his mistress when she beat out 159 other applicants for a job on his staff; or that he had given her $20,000 for some reason. Long claims Petrino had plenty of opportunities to come clean about the relationship over the past ten days and failed to do so, so he was fired “with cause” meaning the former Atlanta Falcons coach will NOT get the $18 million buyout his contract called for.


You can be sure that Petrino will eventually coach somewhere else, but Dorrell will forever have to explain why she only worked for 4 days as the student-athlete development coordinator at Arkansas.

Source: Boston Globe