Syracuse Assistant B-Ball Coach Put on Administrative Leave After Molestation Accusations – Bernie Fine

Now that the Penn State scandal is out there, are we going to be seeing more of these? Or is this just a coincidence?  On Thursday, Syracuse University placed long time associate head basketball coach Bernie Fine on administrative leave after a former ball boy accused him of years of sexual abuse.

ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” interviewed Bobby Davis, now 39, who once lived in Coach Fine’s basement as a teenager. In that interview, Davis alleged that Fine first physically restrained him and touched his penis when Davis was 12 or 13 years old. Now Syracuse police are getting involved, even though the University claims that it thoroughly investigated the claims in 2005 and say that they could not find any witnesses to corroborate Davis’ story.

Is this a case with some merit, or is a coach with more than 35 years with the school getting smeared? Difficult to tell at this point, having seen the Davis interview he looks credible, but so have others in the past making similar claims that seem outrageous.

What it really gets down to–both at the college and high school levels–is how to schools handle the investigations in a manner that is fair to both parties. It seems like most organizations haven’t found that balance yet and one side or the other gets slighted (or worse) in the process.

Source: Sporting News