Parent, Coach Argue at YMCA Basketball Game, Coach Returns With Gun, Shoots, Misses

We’re not sure how good a basketball coach Paul H. Hill, 45, of Minneapolis (father of Tayler Hill, a starter on the Ohio State women’s basketball team) is, but his small arms shooting apparently needs some work. Which is fortunate for the parent of one of his players after an incident earlier this month at the downtown YMCA.

According to police reports, Hill and the parent got into an argument after a game and at one point the coach stormed off yelling “I’ve got something for you!” and taking off in his car. He returned a short time later and did have something for the parent: a loaded gun. He allegedly fired once from three point range, missed, did not box out to get the rebound and then drove off.  Not surprisingly, Coach Hill now faces second-degree assault and has been banned from all YWCA facilities.