Woman Pretends to be Parent Concession Volunteer, Stuffs Several Hundred Dollars Cash in Popcorn Box

Ann O'Connell mug shotAt most high schools, the money raised selling pop, candy, hotdogs and popcorn at Friday night football games helps support the athletic programs at the school. And in most cases, it volunteer parents who work at those stands in all kinds of weather to help raise that money.

Then, of course, you sometimes have a stranger like Ann L. O’Connell, who walked into the busy concession stand at Barrington High School during the homecoming game last Friday, pretended to be just another parent volunteer and quietly stuffed a couple of hundred dollars from the cash drawer into a popcorn box, then calmly walked back to her seat in the stands. Fortunately for BHS, another volunteer saw what was going on, called police and followed her back to her seat.

O’Connell now faces theft charges and likely will be working the concession stand at the local jail for 2 to 5 years.