HS #Homecoming Queen Arrested After Cops Bust Party at Her Home

It’s that time of year again when high school graduates “come home” to their schools to attend a football game and remember what it was like to be young and stupid again. For high school students it’s usually a week of fun activities that culminate in the halftime festivities a the big game where the homecoming king and queen are crowned, followed by a wild party at the queen’s house where the cops show up and bust everyone for underage drinking.

Oh wait, that’s not how it goes at your school? Well, that’s how the tradition is at Elyria High School where Emily Norris, 17, was both crowned and charged with underage possession of alcohol and obstructing official business within about a 12 hour period this weekend. On the plus side, Norris at least tried to avoid arrest, turning off the lights and refusing to answer the door when police showed up to investigate complaints of a loud party at her parents house. Officers left when no one would let them in, but waited at the end of the block for drunken high school kids to leave. In total, 60 EHS students got in trouble including a number of jocks.