Middle School Football Coach Tasered by Cops After Choking Player, Brawling W. Head Coach, Parent

The first day of school at Corriher-Lipe Middle School (NC) was a “full day” for Jared John Gallagher, assistant football coach and full-time In-School-Suspension (ISS) assistant for the school. According to police, as he was leaving the football field he allegedly started choking a 7th grade player. Then the head coach stepped in to settle things down, and when he was unable to calm Gallagher by himself, he had a nearby parent step in and take over while he called police.

You would think officers arriving would settle things down, but no, not on this first day of school: Gallagher allegedly didn’t like the fact that the cop had sunglasses on and, at one point, “demanded the officer take off the glasses, according to the report, and clinched his fists.” Well, as you might guess, that didn’t go over so well with the cops so they tasered the assistant coach . . . three times.  The first time it just made him angry and he pulled out the tongs. To top things off, a search of Gallagher’s car revealed 79 live rounds of ammunition and a 9 mm handgun.

Welcome back to school Coach Gallagher! (Source – Salisbury Post)