Teen Arrested for Robbing PNC Park Usher After Heart Attack

What is wrong with kids today? A man stops his car to get help after having a heart attack after a long day of work a the ballpark and all this punk can think to do is pull him out of the car, put him on the ground then steal his wallet and car? That’s cold.

Michael Paul Schacht, 58, was a long time usher at the Pirate’s PNC Park in Pittsburgh. From what cops can tell, he was driving home after working a long 14-inning game when he suffered a heart attack at an intersection and stopped to get help. Instead, he got robbed and left for dead in the middle of the street which is where officers found him a short while later.

Let’s hope this kid enjoys being someone’s girlfriend in jail.

More on the story from WPXI:

Police said their investigation led them to find that Schacht had left PNC Park and gotten into his car to drive home after a 14-inning Pirates baseball game. Investigators said he apparently suffered a heart attack, pulled up to the intersection and stopped his car near the curb. Police said they believe he was in distress and slumped over the console of his vehicle when a 17-year-old boy approached the car.  Police said the teen pulled Schacht out of the driver’s seat and onto the ground. Detectives said the teen then went through Schacht’s pockets and stole his wallet before getting behind the wheel of the car and driving off, leaving Schacht.  Days later, police found Schacht’s vehicle in the Perry Hilltop section of the city. Police said Tuesday that the teenager was questioned and charged with robbery of a motor vehicle, robbery and two counts of theft. He is not facing any charges for Schacht’s death.