Assist. HS Baseball Coach Accused of Giving Pot to Grieving Players

HS Baseball Coach accused of giving players marijuanaAthletes usually bond with their coaches.  Even the bad ones. They can, however, become very close with the good ones. St. Helens High School (WA) head baseball coach Tim Lokken was apparently one of the good ones and it appears that his recent passing from an illness hit his team–still in the middle of their season–pretty hard. So, what can an assistant coach do to get the team over their grief?

How about a little weed you say? Great idea . . . if you want to go to to jail.

Details on this strange story from The Daily News:

Randy J. Fenimore, 23, a volunteer assistant coach, was arrested Thursday and faces six counts of marijuana delivery and six counts of endangering the welfare of a minor, according to St. Helens Police Sgt. Phil Edwards. Fenimore was booked into the Columbia County Jail. Bail was set at $420,000.

Edwards said the incident occurred April 9, when Fenimore was supervising eight players on an overnight trip to a St. Helens batting practice facility at 555 Columbia River Highway. The outing was intended to help players mourn the loss of head coach Tim Lokken, who died from an illness the day before.

Edwards said police believe seven of the players smoked marijuana during the trip, and that Fenimore and two players provided the drugs. He said it appears the players smoked two joints among them.

“It seemed to be a spur-of-the-moment idea brought up by one individual,” Edwards said. “(Fenimore) was present during the conversation and did nothing to discourage (the use of marijuana).”