Hockey Player Assaults Referee After Slashing Call on Teammate

Dumbass Category LogoThis one gets kind of confusing, and but we’ll see if we can sort it out.

To start off, there was an adult league hockey game in Connecticut. (Got that so far?)

With about a minute left in the game, referee Peter Tarantino calls a slashing foul on a player from one team who promptly gets into a fight with an opposing player and both men go down on the ice. Enter player Martin Durkaj.

Durkaj jumps into the fray and starts punching both guys until Tarantino and another ref go over to break things up like hockey refs usually do after a little bit of time passes. Only instead of just getting up and walking away, Durkaj punches Tarantino in the face accidentally. Because he’s wearing a face shield, the ref’s not hurt, but he does tell Durkaj to be more careful next time so that a referee doesn’t get punched. So what does he do? The dumbass punches Tarantino in the face INTENTIONALLY.

Okay, now things are getting interesting. The uninjured Tarantino now tells Durkaj that because of that punch he’ll be awarded a match penalty which apparently carries a five minute game penalty and a bonus 30-day suspension from the league. At that point, Durkaj, instead of admitting defeat and moving on, decided it was a good idea to hit Tarantino in the face a second time. That’s when the cops were called.

Now, in addition to sitting out a few adult league hockey games, Mr. Durkaj was charged with second-degree breach of peace and criminal attempt at third-degree assault.  And all this happened while he was wearing a jersey with the number 99 on it, the same as his idol Wayne Gretzky. The Great One indeed.