Even More Trouble For Lenny Dykstra?

Double Dumbass LogoLenny Dykstra was a three-time All-Star in 1990, 1994 and 1995, all with Philadelphia, and he won the World Series in 1988 with the New York Mets, but since he’s retired, he has all but ruined his legacy with a number of legal problems, each seemingly more baffling than the last. Most know that he has had problems with his business affairs in the past, and now he’s in hot water for bankruptcy fraud, but no one could have foreseen what the latest charge is against the man they call “Nails”.

Dykstra is being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department because of an alleged incident that happened earlier this month. A woman claims that she answered an advertisement from Dykstra on Craigslist, claiming that he needed a housekeeper. The woman went to Dykstra’s residence, and he then stated that she not only would have to clean the house, but she would also have to give him massages. The woman then states that Dykstra took off his clothes and asked for a “massage” (the phrase “happy ending” should come to mind immediately), which would be taken into consideration if he was going to hire her, and the woman fled his house, flagging a cop who was passing by.

It’s been a sad post-baseball life for Dykstra, and this latest incident sounds like a guy who has nothing left to lose. He’ll likely go to jail for the bankruptcy fraud, all of his assets are being taken away from him, and he just doesn’t seem like he cares anymore. Dykstra was known during his baseball career for playing on the edge, but he’s gone over the edge in real life, and it could be a sad ending to his story.