Teens Use Golfers for BB Gun Target Practice

How bored are teenagers today? Bored enough to pull out the old BB gun and take target practice . . . on some golfers at a nearby course. Not a lot of details on this story, but it is interesting that even after the cops caught these would-be gangsters that all they did was tell them to stop shooting. No tasering, no cuffing them and beating them with a night stick. Just “Please stop shooting at old guys on the golf course and have a nice day.”

Something tells us this isn’t over. Next time, the golfers start shooting back.

Details from the investigative reported at the Rancho Santa Margarita Patch (no, really, that’s the name of the local paper):

A caller from the Coto de Caza Golf and Racquet club wanted deputies to search for a group of kids who were in a backyard of one of the residences adjacent to the golf course. The youths were shooting at golfers with BB guns. Deputies found the youths and told them to stop shooting. The officers also contacted their parents.