UK Soccer Player Pulls Air Rifle Out in Locker Room ‘Accidentally’ Shoots Intern

Dumbass Category LogoAnyone else remember the holiday movie classic “A Christmas Story?” In it, little Ralphie wants nothing more than a Red Rider BB Gun for Christmas, but all the adults in his life keep telling him that he’ll “shoot his eye out.” Apparently UK soccer star Ashley “Deadeye” Cole never saw that movie or he would not have pulled a 22 caliber air rifle out of a box in the locker room at soccer training camp for the Chelsea and ‘accidentally’ shot an intern working for the club. We’re putting accidentally in quotes because it’s odd that with all the other players and staff around, he manages to hit the only person who’s not on salary with the club. What are the odds of that? And he just happened to have the gun with him and just happened to pull it out at that time, and just happened not to know it was loaded? Either this Cole guy is a complete moron (possible with soccer players) or this just might not have been as much of an ‘accident’ as the club is letting on.

Wonder how soon before the intern has a full time paid job with Chelsea . . . to keep his mouth shut.

Details from ESPN:

Chelsea defender Ashley Cole has allegedly shot and wounded an intern at the club after “larking” around with an air rifle, according to the News of the World. The incident happened last Sunday at the Chelsea’s Cobham training ground when Cole took the .22 gun from a box, not realising it was loaded, and accidentially fired at Tom Cowan, 21, from just five feet away.

A source told the News of the World: “It’s truly inconceivable that a Premier League footballer could bring a gun to the training ground.

“But Ashley pulled the rifle from a box and started larking about with it in the changing room, not realising it was loaded. It ended up pointed at Tom just five feet away.  “The gun went off with a loud pop and Tom screamed as this lead pellet hit him in the side. It went through his clothing and into his flesh.”