Poor Sportsmanship Leads to Soccer Brawl, Violent Felony Charge

Soccer is usually one of the more low key high school sports but not when goalie Jared Henry plays.  During a game, he decided that someone on the opposing team displayed what he deemed to be poor sportsmanship.  What’s an 18yo to do?  Go in for the kill, of course.

After being held back not once, but twice, Henry charged again only to be tackled by Brian Reilly.  Not one to be restrained, Henry lashed out and broke Reilly’s 2 front teeth in half.   At this point, only “rampant use” of pepper spray could stop the 10 member brawl.  Needless to say, Henry is now ineligible to play any sports & is facing felony charges.

RivalsHigh has the details:

According to the Associated Press and the Gainesville Sun, the violence that led to the charges against Hendry followed the goalie’s attempts to break through the attempted restraint of his teammates and Suwannee coach B.J. Shirah. After being held back twice, Hendry chased after a particular Trinity player, only to be tackled by Reilly in an attempt to hold him at bay.

Instead, Hendry whirled and struck Reilly in the face, breaking his two front teeth in half, sending Reilly to his dentist and Hendry to the emergency room, where he was to be checked for potential stitches in the hand with which he threw the punch, after the fight was broken up with the rampant use of pepper spray by a school official.