• Why You Should Try Online Sports Betting
  • How to Improve the Game Watching Experience at Home
  • Top 5 Sports Betting Websites in the UK
  • WATCH: How Betting Odds Work – Sports Betting Odds Explained (video)
  • WATCH: How To Place a Sports Bet | Sports Betting 101 (video)

Why You Should Try Online Sports Betting

If you have never tried sports betting, then you are missing out because this is something which is really fun to do. Sports betting has been around for many years, with people betting on any sports they can in order to make a profit. There are many different sports that you can bet on and you can bet both in a bookies and online. Online sports betting is really kicking…

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How to Improve the Game Watching Experience at Home

Sports have brought people together for thousands of years. We love watching our favorite players play our favorite games, and we love sharing the experience with our friends. The more invested we get into these games, the better the experience is. That’s why, when the Phillies play, you need to do more than have it on in the background. It doesn’t matter how early in the season it is, if…

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Top 5 Sports Betting Websites in the UK

Presently, gambling enthusiasts from the UK are given the unique opportunity to pick from a wide variety of virtual sportsbooks. Some of them were designed exclusively as bookies and operators gradually developed their products whereas others started solely as casino operators and later introduced their sports betting platforms. The variety of the interactive bookies is really wide which can make it hard to decide which is the best option for…


WATCH: How Betting Odds Work – Sports Betting Odds Explained (video)

How DO betting odds work? What does it mean when someone says the odds are 10-1? What’s an “odds on favorite” and should you bet on one? Kevin from The Sports Geek tells you everything you need to know! Here’s more from the YouTube description: Follow me on Twitter – https://twitter.com/kevinsportsgeek Most sports betting sites use American style betting odds and a lot of people seem to have troubles understanding…


WATCH: How To Place a Sports Bet | Sports Betting 101 (video)

Ever wanted to know how to place a sports bet when you’re visiting Las Vegas? Or–who knows?–if legalized sports betting comes to your state!  Here’s a video from Double Digit Covers. Here’s more from the YouTube description: How to place a sports bet at a casino in Las Vegas How to legally bet on sports outside of Las Vegas How to use an offshore account for sports betting In this…


Ohio takes first steps in lengthy journey to bring legalized sports betting to the state

The latest on the state of Ohio’s efforts to bring in legalized sports betting fro News 5 Cleveland. The effort to bring sports betting to Ohio is moving forward this summer in the state legislature nearly three months after the U.S. Supreme Court opened the door in May for legalized bets on sports in states outside of mainly Nevada. “We’ve had two bills introduced called placeholder bills expressing the intent…


WATCH: Sports Spread Betting Explained (video)

Have you ever wondered how “the spread” works when it comes to betting on sports? Here’s a great video from SpreadEx which explains it very well. Here’s more from the YouTube description: An explanation of how to place sports spread bets with Spreadex. Find out exactly how sports spread betting works by watching our short video below. Alternatively, click here for a written explanation: https://www.spreadex.com/sports/get-started/ Many of our spread markets…


Surprise! Betting on sports is a full-time job for this N.J. man

Check out this great video from NJ.com about a New Jersey father who stays at home with his kids to play daily fantasy sports. Think he will make the jump over to sports betting now that it’s legal in his state? Would you? Check out this video first. Here’s more from the YouTube description: Benny Ricciardi of Weehawken earns a living writing about and betting on daily fantasy sports sites…


A crash course on luring sports betting from the shadows – CT Mirror

Great article about how sports betting is finally coming out of the shadows, thanks to the recent Supreme Court decision that allows states to determine if they waynt to allow sports betting. Here’s more from the article: “It’s a massive opportunity,” said Andrew Gaughan, the chief executive officer of Sportech, a U.K. gambling concern that sees its future in the U.S., where it owns rights to off-track betting in Connecticut…

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10 famous actors who started out as an American footballer

Curious to learn about American Football players that become famous actors? This article will cover 10 such situations of actors you never knew played American football. American football is one of the biggest sources of entertainment in the United States and, for some fans, it is more than just a sport. American football is a true religion and the matchday is just like a tradition or duty that they have…


Top Sports Movies That Should Be On Every Fan’s Bucket List

Approximately 59 percent of Americans say they’re sports fans, according to a Gallup Poll. When fans aren’t trying to get into big sold-out sporting events, they’re likely to want to watch a good sports movie. Sports movies are big news, with some of the highest grossing sports movies including classics like “Seabiscuit” and “Remember the Titans.” But there are a lot more sports movies that are worth watching, even if…


Dennis Wise in Saturday Night Takeaway skit

Saturday Night Takeaway returned once more to our screens on Saturday 24th February. Special guest Kylie Minogue may have blown everyone away with the End of the Show Show, but a cheeky Dennis Wise gag had audiences giggling too. Cheeky chappies Ant and Dec had notoriously ribbed Dennis during his stint on I’m a Celebrity for his height, and the joke was revived on the first episode of the new…